Barbasol T-Blade Trimmer


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Available: 23/08/2026

Barbasol - T Blade Trimmer Rechargeable

Want a close shave that transforms the way your facial hair or beard looks and feels? Introducing the Rechargeable Zero-Gapped T-Blade Trimmer from Barbasol. The Zero-Gapped design provides for an ultra-close trim that creates crisper, cleaner and sharper lines to your beard or hair. A hanging T-Blade details and outlines your appearance in any direction or look you want to create. Youll have three Guide Combs to accommodate the perfect length whether at 1,2 or 3 mm. Our trimmers design has allowed for a smaller, compact item thats better to hold and maneuver around your face for the ideal cut. You can also easily clean the trimmers head under running water without rusting or damaging the item. Our item is rechargeable, use the included USB charging cable to power it for 90 minutes of quality trimming. Weve also included oil and a cleaning brush for your convenience. Style your facial hair to your liking with the Rechargeable Zero-Gapped T-Blade Trimmer.


  • Zero-Gapped Design For The Perfect Trim: Our Zero-Gapped format creates an ultra-close trim thats crisper, cleaner and creates a better outline to your beard or facial hair.

  • Hanging T-Blade Provides Greater Detail: Get stronger detail in your appearance, regardless of how you want to style or trim your face.

  • 3 Guide Combs For Different Hair Lengths: Ranging from 1 to 3 mm, youll be able to accommodate different hair lengths without any problem.

  • Slimmer Design Is Easier-To-Use: Weve crafted this trimmer to be more maneuverable and better when it comes to making stronger cuts and more precise looks.

  • Rechargeable: Use the included USB charging cable to power it for 90 minutes of quality trimming.

  • Clean Under Running Water Without Issue: Thanks to the Stainless-Steel design, your trimmer will never rust, and you can easily clean its head without causing damage.

  • Oil and Cleaning Brush: Weve included Oil and a Cleaning Brush with our kit to help you in your day-to-day routine.

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