GKMBJ Colour Enhancers

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  • Research and innovation are our highest objectives.

  • Based on hair cosmetic science, GKMBJ has developed a specialized hair treatment series which has been tested and proven by qualified Hairdressers.

  • The products mainly focus on treatment, incorporating high-quality ingredients to achieve a high quality level of performance. From shampoo, conditioning treatments to modern perm and colorant, GKMBJ has a variety of products to satisfy the broad range of demands of the modern consumer.

  • GKMBJ has also developed Trichological Products to help control the various conditions of hair and scalp that occur.

A Name of Memorable Initials

Curious, unique and unusual as it may sound, the GKMBJ brand name simply represents the initials of the key people who have had a positive and long lasting effect on Alain Laxale when he first migrated to Australia as a 14 year old: a subtle way to remember and recognise those who have contributed directly or indirectly to his success.

Over the past few years, the GKMBJ brand has successfully penetrated the Australian market with the exceptional support of a team of dedicated distributors based in the major cities.

GKMBJ offer value, incentives and a quality product not presently matched in the industry.