The Charcoal Cream Treatment 500ml

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Be Part of the Charcoal Revolution

Charcoal Cream Treatment is the new " In Thing" that is sweeping the world`s Salons with the latest in Hair Care repair, the benefits of this amazing product must be seen to be believed !! The results we have seen from our Salon customers have been just amazing.

 Charcoal Treatment Cream has a distinctive hair repair function.
Its natural ingredients help to cleanse the scalp, unclogging Pores & Follicles, promoting Hair Strength &Growth.

Plus adding Shine & Volume to your hair.

Use on dry hair, frizzy hair, damaged hair or any type of hair that needs nourishment and treatment.
You will see immediate restoration of your hair, great smoothness, improved texture, making your hair much easier to handle,
Soothes itching, Redness and controls dandruff Plus Removing excessive oil from your Scalp

Does not stain Blonde Hair !

Each time use up to approx; 80ml, apply and wait 10 mins.  Apply heat or Wrap your hair.
Rinse out completely .

If you need an Intensive Treatment Leave on for 20mins.

Or just use twice weekly and leave on for 2 Mins. to Repair/Replenish your hair.

This will help to straighten you hair if frizzy, repairs your hair.
Leaves your hair Soft and smooth as you have never experienced before
Suitable for all hair types.

This product is just amazing!!