Wella SP Shampoo range 250ML

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Wella Sp Shampoo 250ml

Wella Sp Balance Scalp Shampoo - 250ml
  •   Gently care for sensitive scalps with a skin friendly pH value with Wella SP Balance Scalp Shampoo.
  • Delivering soothing cleansing, it ideally prepares the scalp for hair loss treatments.
  • Shampoo is formulated with Zinc Pyriothon Complex which delicately balances and soothes sensitive scalps
Wella Sp Clear Scalp Shampoo - 250ml
  •   Gentle dandruff removing cleansing.
  • Removes dandruff gently and efficiently.
  • Protects against new dandruff formation from the first wash.
Wella Sp Color Save 3D Shampoo - 250ml

  • The SP Color Save Shampoo enriched with Mircolight 3D Complex is a colour protecting cleanser. It protects your hair against colour fading and color shifting, providing long lasting colour brilliance.

Wella Sp Color Save Shampoo - 250ml

  • Shampoo with Microlight 3D Complex ensure long lasting colour brilliance
  • Colour protecting cleansing
  • Protects against colour fading and colour shifting.
  • Ensures long-lasting colour brilliance
Wella Sp Hydrate Shampoo - 250ml

  • Massage evenly into damp hair.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Repeat if necessary.

Wella Sp Repair Shampoo - 250ml
  • An intense reparative conditioner for damaged hair
  • Efficaciously corrects hair structure in just 30 seconds
  • Shields hair from further destruction & boosts hair's resistance

Wella Sp Shine Define Shampoo - 250ml

  • Wella SP Shine Define Shampoo is formulated with Shine Tri-Complex which provides intense shine whilst smoothing the hair for flawless light reflection.

Wella Sp Smoothen Shampoo - 250ml

  • Massage evenly into damp hair.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

Wella Sp Volumize Shampoo - 250ml

  • A volume-boosting shampoo for fine hair
  • Developed with Creatonic complex
  • Helps lightly consolidate hair while cleansing without weighing it down
  • Reveals fuller & stronger hair with durable & visible volume