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PRECISION BLEND SHADES FOR GRAY BLENDING Men have their own styles. Their own cuts. And their own attitude. To blend gray from a man’s hair, you need products and techniques crafted specifically for him. Application: Choose a shade of American Crew Precision Blend (Light, Medium Ash, Medium Natural and Dark) that matches your client’s natural hair color using your Precision Blend Swatch Guide. Then, mix the color in a 1:1 ratio in a color bowl. In general, about 20 mL/0.68oz will be needed to complete the service on a client with hair that is 1” long. You should perform a quick allergy test accordingto the warnings on the color product. Choose from the four American Crew techniques, based on the texture and length of your client’s hair. Each of the techniques can be used with light, medium or heavy product application to provide 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% gray blending. For a natural look, allow gray to peek out at key areas such as sideburns and temples. Perform each technique efficiently, trying to keep the application time under four minutes. The American Crew Precision Blend System provides not only a product that allows you to naturally blend away clients gray, but a technical approach and specific tools designed to match his hair type and desired final look. The technical approach and product application will determine the amount of gray blended and resulting final look. For more information on the Precision Blend techniques, product application

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