Krest Flatopper Comb


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Professional Quality Flattop Comb

Krest Professional 9001 Flattop Comb is designed with the selective professional in mind. The wide design holds and stabilises more hair to allow your hair clipper to run directly over the top. Ideal for when cutting flattop hairstyles. Krest Professional combs are made exclusively with the highest quality Nitrile Rubber, a superior alternative to cheap plastic, which offers excellence strength and flexibility.


  • Speciality line for cutting flattop hairstyles
  • Wide design holds and stabilises more hair
  • Hair clippers can be run directly over the top of the comb
  • Made from highest quality Nitrile Rubber
  • Superior strength and flexibly
  • Made in the USA
  • Colour: White

SKU: D130027
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