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Parlux Silencer

For Noisy hair dryers.

TheParlux Melody Silencerattaches to the rear filter of anyParlux Hair Dryerto scientifically reduce dryer noise.Parluxresearch laboratories have developed a Patent Pending advanced technology system providing exceptional results in eliminating sound waves. Small, light and easy to install, the Parlux MelodySilencerlets you work in perfect harmony with the music in your salon or at home.

  • Radial aspiration around the chamber for reduction of sound waves
  • Internal vibration absorbing filter
  • Sound proofing rubber seal around the hairdryer body
  • Very light – 52ghair dryer
  • Highly shock resistant material
  • Rapid attachment to filter holder for easy insertion
  • Fits all Parlux models

SKU: D150073
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