QiQi Heat Cap


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Power up your hair straightening and Qiqi customisable texture salon treatments. Speed up and significantly enhance results for every singleQiqisolution. Qiqi Heat Cap is a portable, easy-to-usetreatment toolwhich is an amazing alternative to bulky climazones. Free up valuable hairdressing salon real estate while boosting Qiqi penetration and reducing time. Adjust the temperature to suit the hair type then sit back and relax while Qiqi Heat Cap rejuvenates the hair, rapidly creating radiantly soft results.


  • Ideal solution to bulky climazones – free up valuable salon real estate
  • Portable, easy-to-use heat cap
  • Designed to work with every Qiqi customisable texture salon treatment
  • Boosts Qiqi solution penetration and reduces time
  • Rejuvenates the hair and helps prevent dryness due to chemical processes
  • Radiant and soft results
  • Temperature controller to adjust heat for all hair types
  • Plugs into any AC socket
  • Multi-voltage (110-240V)

SKU: D700310
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